Donation of three ambulances to Haiti by the Republic of China (R.O.C Taiwan)

Director General Laure Adrien delivered his address thanking our government for donating three ambulances

On August 17th, 2018, Ambassador Zheng-hao Hu of the Ambassde de la Republique de Chine (Taiwan) en Haiti donated three ambulances on behalf of the our government to the Centre Ambulancier National. The donations were received by the Director General of Ministere de la Sante Publique et de la Population (MSPP), Dr. Laure Adrien and witness by Director of Centre Ambulancier National (CAN), Dr. Didie Herold Louis and the staff of CAN, under a simple, yet esteemed donation ceremony. Ambassador Hu stated that the Taiwan emphasizes on the development and welfare when promoting cooperation programs. In order to demonstrate our government's support of the MSPP policy of strengthening the emergency rescue system, we have donated six ambulances in 2014 and an additional three this year to strengthening the serviceability of CAN during disasters or accidents. Furthermore, this would support Haiti in its development of emergency medical rescue and contribute to the welfare of the people of Haiti. At the ceremony, Director General Laure Adrien stated his appreciation for the support of Republic of China (R.O.C Taiwan) in the cooperation programs on education, health care, and national development. He was most delighted to hear that there are 33 students with scholarships that will able to further their studies in Taiwan this year, added with Republic of China's (R.O.C Taiwan) assistance in Haiti's emergency medical rescue that will benefit injured patients, the cooperation between Republic of China's (R.O.C Taiwan) and Haiti is most fruitful. The Director General thanked Republic of China's (R.O.C Taiwan)'s unwavering support in Haiti's development one more time before ending his address. After the addresses by both dignitaries, Director General Laure Adrien invited Ambassador Hu to inspect the ambulances and explained that the vehicles are already on duty and is being put into good use. From there, the Director General accompanied Ambassador Hu to visit the 116 disaster command center of CAN and related facilities. The donation ceremony ended in success with a group photo of Ambassador Zheng-hao Hu, Director General Laure Adrien, and Director Didie Herold Louis.
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Ambassador Zheng-hao Hu of Ambassde de la Republique de Chine (Taiwan) en Haiti donated three ambulances to Centre Ambulancier National of MSPP on behalf of Taiwan government

Group photo of Ambassador Zheng-hao Hu, Director General Laure Adrien (MSPP), and Director Didie Herold Louis (CAN)