GMISS donation in Honduras

Exchanges between First Lady of Honduras, Ambassador Hsing, and Chairman Lin

On January 24th, 2018, Ambassador Ingrid Y.W Hsing of Embajada de la Republica de China (Taiwan) en Honduras and First lady, Madam Ana Garcia de Hernandez of Honduras, together with Minister of Economic Development of the Republic of Honduras, H.E Arnoldo Castillo jointly hosted the GMISS medical equipment donation ceremony. The ceremony was simple, yet esteemed, and witnessed by dignitaries such as the Chairman Lin of Dong Jyu Group, Minister of Health of the Honduras, Dr. Delia Rivas, Deputy Minister of National Security, Mr. Alejandra Hernaacute;ndez, as well as related staff. During Ambassador Hsing's remarks, she pointed out that the program was promoted by H.E Arnaldo Castillo when he visited Taiwan in February 2017, together with Chairman Lin. From there, our government followed through and donated one batch of refurbished medical equipment to Honduras through GMISS under the Ministry of Health and Welfare, so as to provide better health services to the people of Honduras. In the speeches delivered by the First lady, the Minister of Economic Development, and the Minister of Health, apart from taking the opportunity to thank our government for its continued support, they emphasized that the medical equipment from GMISS will be utilized in various public hospitals to improve and elevate the capacity and quality of care for the local patients. Data Source: Public Diplomacy Coordination Council
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Dignitaries: Ambassador Hsing, First Lady of Honduras, and H.E Arnaldo Castillo