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Donation of scrapped medical items available

Chen Hsing General Hospital (CHGH) has been supporting GMISS since the very beginning with their proper secondhand medical equipment, from X-ray viewing box, mammography X-ray camera, operation table, plaster saw, etc. to mobile ultrasonic diagnostic equipment, physiologic monitor, hospital beds, and so on in recent years. More than 16 countries have benefited from CHGH's donation, including Niagara, Mongolia, Paraguay, Vietnam, Honduras, Belize, Kiribas, Ecuador, Guatemala, St. Vincent, Cambodia, Marshall Islands, Burkina Faso, the Philippines, Myanmar, and Haiti.
Based on long-lasting positive exchange with GMISS, CHGH contacted us in April, 2015, saying that they were about to upgrade dozens of electric adjustable beds around August and would be more than happy to donate old beds through GMISS. We sent over staff right away to double check the beds for quality and quantity issues, gathering information for transportation and delivery. Luckily, since most of the beds were in use under good conditions, albeit some too old to avoid rust, overall they were in great shape. After consulting with shipping company for disassemble and loading tips, we decided to ship 30 beds in an economical 40-foot equivalent unit. We also prepared some data of the beds, looking for overseas organizations that might be in need. It was recommended that the electric adjustable beds be sent to countries of 110 voltage, so eventually we picked Haiti, which happens to have official diplomatic ties with Taiwan.
Thanks to the efforts of Unit Chief of Medical Equipment in CHGH, Chi-fang Liu, we were able to select and test the beds to be donated. Recently we just sent away some beds for de-rust, repaint, broken plugs replacement, cleaning, packaging with logo, etc.. It's estimated that the beds will reach Haiti by the end of 2018.
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